In Really Rice we aim to be the everyday lunch solution for you, the busy Londoners! We are passionate to deliver great experiences through a healthy range of rice & grain based dishes, influenced by the many exciting flavours from the world! Really Rice is a specialised vegan and gluten-free restaurant serving flexitarian options, inclusive for everybody to enjoy Really Rice food!

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The Really Rice Guys

While studying Hospitality Management in Switzerland, we, Dami and Kyle, had the opportunity to meet friends from all around the world. Occasionally we would gather and cook together sharing traditional flavours. We then realised that rice was the common denominator amongst the majority of these cook-offs! From that moment we felt the need to share the same experiences and Really Rice Guys Ltd. was formed!


We decided to create a place where you could have a cultural and guilt-free experience through rice and grain based food inspired by the flavours of the world. A place, where really nice rice is served by really rice people!


In 2017 we reunited in London to start the venture. We continue committed to deliver honest, quality and nutritious rice & grain based dishes without sacrificing taste, whilst being an active player in the local community.


The mission is  to deliver a quality and fun eating out experience, while having a positive impact with the local and global community. As a company made from multicultural values, we would like to share the same and enhance the experience through our food. We use only ethically sourced products and compostable packaging, as well as use the trimmings from our veggies to make a base broth for our rice! Leaving a greener footprint in our planet. A really ‘rice’ service is also a key ingredient, where the focus is to have you leaving with a smile and a good taste!

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